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How Is Vitamin C Manufactured

Process Conceptualization And Simulation

How Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) is made industrially (Reichstein Process)

The above simulated flow sheet as shown in Fig. 1 was generated by Superpro Designer software. Meanwhile, the stream table obtained from Superpro Designer is attached in Table a.3 in the Appendix. There are a few simplification and assumptions made to simulate the process in SuperPro Designer. Firstly, the reactions are simulated by entering the conversion value for each reaction only since no data of reaction and growth kinetics is available in the software to simulate the growth of bacteria. As a result, the simulation might be unrealistic as compared with real case situations.

Besides, the data for sorbose, sodium keto-gluconic acid, keto-gluconic acid, methyl gluconate, and sodium ascorbate are unavailable in the component databank. Therefore, their properties and values are manually added to the databank for simulation. Moreover, the properties of methyl gluconate, keto-gluconic acid, sodium keto-gluconic acid, keto-gluconic acid, and sodium ascorbate are assumed to be same as the properties of ascorbic acid due to unavailability of component data. Also, mass and energy balances were performed manually to validate the results from SuperPro Designer.

Final Notes On The Vitamin Supplement Manufacturing Process

Due to the incredibly intricate nature of vitamin manufacturing, many new brand owners prefer partnering with an experienced contract manufacturer who can guide them through every step of the way. The manufacturing process will generally take 12-16 weeks for new orders and 8-12 weeks for existing/re-orders. Factors that can affect lead times include, but are not limited to, the type of product you’re looking to manufacture, the number of bottles you want to produce, and the availability of raw materials.

You may now have several questions about the vitamin supplements manufacturing process. Our team is here to help you with over 50 years of industry experience we would be happy to assist you! Call to speak to one of our representatives or send us your request to receive a free price quote for your vitamin supplements if you already have your requirements in place!


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Now Foods Chewable C 500

Price: $

If youre not a fan of swallowing pills, NOW Foods chewable vitamin C tablets may be the product for you.

NOW Foods is a reputable brand that produces a variety of affordable, high quality nutritional supplements.

Each orange-flavored tablet provides a 500-mg dose of vitamin C and contains just 1 gram of added sugar. Theyre also 100% vegan and free of major allergens.

NOW Foods prides themselves on their meticulous testing protocols. Each supplement is tested in-house for purity and potency, and all of their manufacturing facilities are certified by the Food and Drug Administration .

Gummy vitamins are one of the hottest trends in nutrition supplements and understandably so. Whether youre a kid or a kid at heart taking your vitamin C has never been easier or more delicious.

However, although gummy vitamins are convenient and taste great, they should not be confused with candy.

Its important that you dont exceed the recommended dose, as too much vitamin C could lead to unintended side effects. Like other supplements, be sure to store them away from little ones to avoid a potential overdose.

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Functions Of Vitamin C

In plants, vitamin C plays a protective role in the photosynthetic process by acting as an antioxidant, and it is required for the function of a wide variety of enzymes such as those involved in the fruit ripening process. Vitamin C is also crucial for correct folding and secretion of many proteins a function that it also has in animals.

In humans, vitamin C has a variety of functions, some of which are not yet fully understood. Vitamin C plays a vital role in the production of collagen, which is the principal connective tissue protein found in tendons, arteriesbone, skin and muscle. In scurvy, new connective tissue cannot be formed in sufficient amounts to keep up with the bodys replacement and repair demands. This results in bleeding gums, the loosening of teeth, slow wound healing, anaemia and arrested skeletal development in children.

Some of the other processes that involve vitamin C are:

  • the production of chemicals that allow nerves to function effectively
  • cellular energy release and muscle function
  • the production of several hormones
  • the production of bile acids in the liver
  • the uptake of dietary iron from the small intestine
  • the correct turnover of white blood cells.

The Functions Of Vitamin C

To better understand how and why the loss of vitamin C occurred,we need to understand the benefits of it. Scurvy is a deadly disease thatoccurs in vertebrates that are unable to synthesize vitamin C when their dietdoes not include fresh fruit and vegetables, rich sources of the vitamin.Historically, this disease killed many sailors, who did not have suchperishable foods available during their long voyages at sea. Scurvy takes sometime to develop in a human with a vitamin-C-free diet, and when it does it canshow a range of symptoms. These include lassitude, neurological dysfunction,and, more commonly, dramatic defects in blood vessel and bone integrity. Theselatter symptoms are the most easily recognized because they cause skin spots,bleeding of gums, and loose teeth, as well as bone and cartilage fragility.

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Amazon Elements Vitamin C

Price: $

Amazon Elements is a line of premium products that strives to have transparent origins, meaning that the company sources their ingredients carefully as well as tests their vitamins for potency, integrity, and purity.

One of the brands best-selling products are their Vitamin C tablets, which are gluten-free tablets that dont have artificial colors and flavors, and dont have preservatives.

Each tablet has 1,000 mg of vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid and helps to support a healthy immune system.

Amazon Elements also gives the options of buying their vitamins in a single-purchase or signing up for a personal subscription service to get your vitamins shipped to you at the timing of your choosing.

Mass And Energy Balances

QA #7 What about vitamin C made from GMO corn

The mass and energy balances from manual calculations and SuperPro Designer are compared, then the percentage error is calculated. If the percentage error is less than 5%, it is acceptable. The formula used to calculate the mass and energy balance are shown in Table 2. The manual calculation for mass and energy balances are performed on several major equipment. As shown in Tables 3 and 4, there is no significant deviation for the mass balance, which the percentage errors do not exceed 5%. The energy balance in each equipment is also calculated and compared with the results from the simulation in Tables 5 and 6. However, the energy balance for crystallizer has obtained a percentage error of 120.98%. This result might be due to the difference in the calculations of the heat of crystallisation in manual calculations and SuperPro Designer.

Table 2 Formula for mass and energy balances

As a summary, a series of economic analysis was undertaken to study the feasibility of ascorbic acid production plant in terms of investment concern. The market survey of ascorbic acid highlights that this investment exhibits high potential due to the increasing awareness towards a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, the payback period of the worst scenario is 3.36 years. This indicates that the high selling price of ascorbic acid can cope with the fluctuations in the market. Thus, the production plant of ascorbic acid designed can meet the business concern of stakeholders.

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Is There A Difference Between Synthetic And Natural Vitamin C

The properties of a substance are determined by the structure of its component molecules. Vitamin C that is synthesized in the laboratory has exactly the same atoms joined together in exactly the same fashion as vitamin C that is made in an orange or a rose hip bush. As far as biological activity goes, the source of vitamin C is irrelevant. The cheapest version is as effective as the most expensive. Perhaps a more appropriate question is whether we should be taking vitamin C supplements.

There is a wealth of information suggesting that the human body benefits from vitamin C in excess of the roughly 20 mg daily needed to ward off scurvy. Population studies show that people who consume the most vitamin C from foods have reduced incidence of certain cancers, particularly stomach cancer. This likely reflects vitamin C’s ability to reduce the formation of nitrosamines, known cancer causing substances. In a study that encompassed 65 counties in China, blood samples from randomly selected adults were analyzed for vitamin C. Those who had the highest levels were the least likely to develop cancer. Furthermore, it has been found that the vitamin C level in the white blood cells of cancer patients is unusually low and that the plasma vitamin C level of smokers is 43% lower than of non-smokers. This may explain why children of smokers have a greater risk of genetic diseases such as leukemia.

Production Of Vitamin C

Vitamin C was the first vitamin to be discovered, the first to be structurally determined and the first to be made artificially.

Industrially, vitamin C is produced from glucose using an unusual blend of biological and organic chemistry. It is a 5-step process with one of the steps making use of a microorganism to make the chemical change.

Vitamin C occurs widely in plant tissues, and most mammals can produce it in the liver using glucose as the starting material adult goats produce a massive 1015g of vitamin C per day. Humans and other primates along with guinea pigs and fruit bats are incapable of making their own vitamin C this crucial micronutrient now has to be supplied through the foods we eat.

It was not until May 2007 that scientists finally reported the missing step as to how plants produce vitamin C. The breakthrough came from a team of New Zealand scientists working at Plant & Food Research in Auckland. Working with various kiwifruit varieties, coupled with the worlds largest kiwifruit DNA database, the team isolated the last undiscovered enzyme in the vitamin C production pathway an important control point of vitamin C production in plants.

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Q: How Do You Manufacture Vitamins

A: Once you have decided what kind of vitamins you want to produce, the process of manufacturing includes sourcing, pre-blending, wet granulation, weighing and mixing, encapsulating, polishing, inspecting, tableting, coating, packaging, and labeling. At different stages of the process, quality checks are conducted to ensure the highest quality of supplements is produced.

Production Of Vitamin C L

Nature Made Adult Vitamin C Tangerine Gummies


Vitamin C is abundant in vegetables and fruits. A water-soluble vitamin and powerful antioxidant, it helps the body form and maintain connective tissue, including bones, blood vessels, and skin.

Vitamin C is one of the safest and most effective nutrients. It may not be the cure for the common cold . But the benefits of vitamin C may include protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and even skin wrinkling.

These include:

· Helping to protect cells and keeps them healthy

· Maintaining healthy skin, blood vessels, bones and cartilage

· Helping with wound healing

· Lack of vitamin C can lead to scurvy. Mild deficiencies may occur in infants given unsupplemented cows’ milk and in people with poor or very restricted diets.

Vitamin c is chemically the simplest of the vitamins and for this reason was among the first to be isolated, characterized, and purified and to have its structure determined. More vitamin C is produced industrially than any other vitamin, or indeed all the other vitamins put together.

It is one of the few pure chemical compounds which is taken routinely by human beings in gram quantities . It appears to have no harmful effects even in these large amounts and it is a medicine which it is a pleasure to take, especially in the form of fruit or vegetables.

Few Indian major players are as under

· Manav Drugs

· Estrellas Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

See more

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Bulk Supplements Vitamin C Powder

Price: $

Bulk Supplements vitamin C powder is pure vitamin C without any added ingredients, such as preservatives, sugars, or fillers.

Each scoop provides a 750-mg dose, but like other powdered supplements, its easy to adjust the serving to meet your needs.

All Bulk Supplements products are produced in an FDA-approved facility and third-party tested for purity and potency.

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Start by considering how youll be using the supplement.

For instance, if you prefer to take a pill, youll want to check out encapsulated vitamin C supplements.

If you dont like swallowing pills or want to mix the supplement into beverages, your best option is to consider liquid or powdered supplements.

Next, you want to check the supplements quality.

Evaluate whether a brand is reputable by exploring their ingredient sourcing and manufacturing standards. A good product will also be tested by third-party organizations, such as USP, Consumer Labs, or NSF International.

Take a look at added ingredients, too. If youre trying to limit your intake of added sugars, you want to opt for a supplement that doesnt contain sugar.

Another factor to consider is the dosage.

The recommended daily amount of vitamin C for adults is 90 mg for men, 75 mg for women, and up to 120 mg for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. However, certain medical conditions may require that you take much higher doses .

Vitamin C supplements come in a wide range of dosage options.

Finally, you want to consider your budget.

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Thorne Vitamin C With Flavonoids

Price: $

Thorne is well known for producing some of the highest quality supplements on the market, and this product is no exception.Each capsule provides 500 mg of vitamin C and 75 mg of citrus-derived flavonoids. These compounds are found in fruits and vegetables and boast both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits .

Thorne manufacturing facilities are certified by several globally recognized third-party regulatory agencies, including NSF International and the Therapeutic Goods Administration .

All Thorne supplements are tested for potency, purity, and quality multiple times throughout the manufacturing process, so you always know youre getting a top-tier product.

Nordic Naturals Vitamin C Gummies

Nature Made Vitamin C 1000mg Review – Does it REALLY Work?

Price: $$

Nordic Naturals Vitamin C Gummies are made from high quality, natural ingredients and suitable for adults and children over age 4 years.

Each 2-gummy serving contains 250 mg of vitamin C and 4 grams of added sugar.

The orange-flavored gummies are sweetened with cane sugar and colored with natural fruit and vegetable juices. They dont contain any artificial sweeteners or flavors and are gluten- and dairy-free.

Nordic Naturals vitamin C gummies are third-partytested for purity and potency, so you know youre getting what you have paid for.

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Persona Vitamin C With Bioflavonoids

Price: $$

Persona Nutrition provides personalized supplement recommendations just for you, which are determined using the 5-minute health assessment on their website.

This supplement is designed to support immune health and contains 500 mg of vitamin C, along with several citrus-based bioflavonoids to help squeeze more antioxidants into your diet.

Persona Nutrition tests their products at every stage of production to ensure purity and uses recycled, eco-friendly packaging in an effort to support sustainability.

Plus, each subscription plan includes unlimited consultations with their team of nutritionists, making it a great option for those seeking personalized guidance and expert advice.

Do Vitamin Supplements Prevent Disease

A 2002 study in JAMA concluded that adults would be better off taking a multivitamin supplement each day. The authors didnt specify synthetic or natural. Other reviews have concluded that beyond treatment of deficiency, vitamin supplements dont promote health or prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Data indicates that vitamin supplements can actually lead to more cancer , cardiovascular disease, kidney damage , and fractures, while not helping prevent infections and sick days.

However, its important to remember that chances of certain chronic diseases can increase for those who are deficient in certain micronutrients.

The American Dietetic Association recommends that the best nutritional strategy for optimal health and reducing the risk of chronic disease is to choose a wide variety of whole foods.

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Does It Really Matter Where Our Vitamin C Supplements Comes From

The Department of Health recommends that our vitamins are best absorbed from our diet but this is not always possible. In the last 50 years, nutrient levels in the soil and our food have plummeted and nutritional deficiencies have become common in our energy-dense but nutrient-poor society. There are also times, such as when we are ill or under pressure, when we may have increased nutrient requirements and need support via supplements.

Vitamin C supplements may be either synthetically manufactured or derived from natural food sources. The vitamin C in natural supplements is much closer to the state in which it is found in the diet, and as a result lasts longer in the body than synthetic vitamin C and is more bioavailable .

One of the reasons we see this disparity is because ascorbic acid, which is used in synthetic supplements, has a shorter half-life within the body, only staying in its full and effective form for about two hours. Natural vitamin C, on the other hand, seems to last much longer in the body and is absorbed more slowly, therefore remaining available to our cells for considerably longer


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