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What Fruit Has Vitamin B

Other Vegetable Sources Of B Vitamins


The other forms of Vitamin B are essential in their own waysand can be found in at least trace amounts in many vegetables. Stick to darkleafy greens, starchy roots like sweet and regular potatoes, and cruciformvegetables like broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

Some forms of Vitamin B may cook out of the food, so it is best to eat vegetables raw or minimally cooked. For vegans, getting all forms of Vitamin B can be tough, but there is good news. Spirulina, blue-green algae, is available in supplement form and is packed with a variety of the Vitamin B-rich nutrients. You can take a capsule, sprinkle it on food, and incorporate it a variety of ways to accomplish your Vitamin B goals. You may also be able to grow your own.

List Of Vegetables And Their Vitamin Content

Vitamins are organic food substances that our body requires in order to grow and develop normally. Apart from being able to synthesize Vitamin D and K on its own, our body obtains other vitamins from the food that we eat. It’s best to eat a balanced diet rich in a variety of foods so that your body gets sufficient vitamins for maintaining optimal health. This article presents a list of vegetables and their vitamin content.

Vitamins are organic food substances that our body requires in order to grow and develop normally. Apart from being able to synthesize Vitamin D and K on its own, our body obtains other vitamins from the food that we eat. Its best to eat a balanced diet rich in a variety of foods so that your body gets sufficient vitamins for maintaining optimal health. This article presents a list of vegetables and their vitamin content.

Vitamin D Rich Fruits And Vegetables

24 Novemberinhealth careSkincareHi guys… Hope you all doing well!!! In today’s blog am sharing with you some information which I know about vitamin D and also about some fruits and vegetables which contain vitamin D. I also want to mention that am not a nutritionist or health advisor. These information are what I have heard and learnt. So guys please don’t judge me.

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Top 5 Vegetables Rich In Vitamin B12

Vitamins are organic food substance found in plants and animals. Like other Vitamin B, vitamin B12 is vital for metabolism. You can find the vitamins in different vegetables. There are a number of vegetables that are full of Vitamin B12 and are very helpful for making your gray hair turning black.

You can include these vegetables alternately to your daily diet to compensate the deficiency of this vitamin. Look here at the top 5 vegetables full of Vitamin B-12.

Using Vegetables As A Vitamin B Source

B Vitamin Deficiency Will Drive You Insane  Heres The ...

Vitamin B is known to help store energy and utilize carbohydrates, produce red blood cells, aid in digestion, promote a healthy nervous system and more. These health benefits translate to less heart disease, lower risk of birth defect, clearer brain function, and healthy skin. B12 is the only compound that is found in animal products and must come from supplements in a vegetarian diet. Certain vegetables for B Vitamins bear higher or lower levels of the individual dietary compounds.

There are plenty of vegetarian ways to bring Vitamin B intoyour diet, such as with nuts and whole grains, but these are not as readilyabsorbed as the sources from animal products. Therefore, vegans and vegetariansshould rely upon supplements and fortified foods like cereals to ensureadequate Vitamin B.

A varied diet is considered the best way to achieve each form of the nutrient. As a general rule, leafy greens, avocados, and starchy vegetables contain high levels of certain Vitamin B compounds. In order to get enough of each, a targeted approach to eating veggies with Vitamin B can help achieve an overall balance of each compound.

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Which Foods Are The Best Sources Of Vitamin B

Itâs easy to eat a diet packed with B vitamins. Hereâs where to find your eight essential B vitamins:

  • thiamin â wholemeal bread, peas, eggs, beans, brown rice16
  • riboflavin â milk, eggs, fortified breakfast cereals, cheese, certain green veg17
  • niacin â bread, potatoes, peas, peanuts, brown rice, salmon18
  • pantothenic acid â wholegrains, eggs, green leafy veg, avocado, potatoes19
  • pyridoxine â wholegrains, eggs, soya beans, fish, vegetables, peanuts, milk, potatoes20
  • biotin â egg yolk, legumes, yeast, nuts, milk21
  • folate â Brussels sprouts, dark green leafy vegetables, peas, chickpeas, fortified breakfast cereals22
  • vitamin B12 â milk, cheese, eggs, salmon, meat, fortified breakfast cereals, plant milks23

Healthy Foods High In B Vitamins

There are eight B vitamins collectively called B complex vitamins.

They are thiamine , riboflavin , niacin , pantothenic acid , pyridoxine , biotin , folate and cobalamin .

Though each of these vitamins has unique functions, they generally help your body produce energy and make important molecules in your cells .

Aside from B12, your body cannot store these vitamins for long periods, so you have to replenish them regularly through food .

Many foods provide B vitamins, but to be considered high in a vitamin, a food must contain at least 20% of the Reference Daily Intake per serving. Alternatively, a food that contains 1019% of the RDI is considered a good source .

Here are 15 healthy foods high in one or more B vitamins.

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Foods With B Vitamins

Although B vitamins are naturally found in many foods, they are easily destroyed by alcohol and cooking. Food processing also strips foods of their B vitamin content, especially in white flour, white bread, and white rice.


Because your body cant store all of the B-group vitamins, its important that you continuously get them through your diet. Here are five foods that are high in B vitamins:

1. Whole Grains

Because food processing removes nutrients from grains, you want to eat whole grains that have not undergone this process. Grains high in B vitamins include:

  • Brown rice

Recipes Containing Vitamin B12

Fruit Contains Vitamin B

These delectable recipes offer meals for anytime of day that add to your cobalamin intake. Because these recipes rely on natural sources of the nutrient, they are not vegan- although they do accommodate less strict vegetarian diets.

Another dish that utilizes feta cheese to add the nutrient to your diet, these stuffed peppers are also packed with quinoa, lentils, and spinach to supply a wholesome dish that is fit for lunch, dinner, or hearty appetizers at a dinner party. Each pepper is packed not only with vitamins and minerals, but it also contains plenty of protein and fiber.Ingredients: Quinoa, green bell peppers, canned lentils, fresh spinach, feta cheese, frozen corn , salt, black pepper.Total Time: 40 minutes | Yield: 6 servings

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Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid

Pantothenic acid is responsible for breaking down fats and carbs for energy, as well as producing red blood cells and cholesterol. It also assists the body in using other vitamins, such as riboflavin.

Food high in pantothenic acid: The best dietary sources of pantothenic acid include beef, poultry, seafood, organ meats, eggs, milk, shiitake mushrooms, avocados, potatoes, broccoli, whole grains , peanuts, sunflower seeds, and chickpeas.

Symptoms of deficiency: Fortunately, pantothenic acid deficiency is rare. Those who do suffer from it may experience numb or burning hands and feet, extreme fatigue, headache, irritability, restlessness, sleeping problems, digestive problems, and loss of appetite.

How B17’s Purported Benefits Came About

B17 or amygdalin was initially discovered by French chemists back in 1830. About 15 years later, it was used in Russia as a treatment for cancer, according to case studies in the August 2017 issue of Case Reports in Emergency Medicine.

The United States took notice and began using this compound as an alternative cancer therapy during the 1920s. Then, it was converted into a purified form and distributed as laetrile in the 1950s, even though the Food and Drug Administration considered it an unapproved new drug.

But in 1977, a U.S. District Judge in Oklahoma granted permission of the substance to treat people with terminal cancer. The National Cancer Institute conducted two clinical trials, yet they failed to uncover any evidence to support this claim. In the mid-1980s, the FDA banned the sale of amygdalin/laetrile.

“So while amygdalin has been shown to have some anti-cancer, immune-boosting, blood pressure lowering and pain relieving benefits, studies are preliminary and more research is necessary,” Upton says.

“What’s more, there may be potential toxicity related to the compound.”

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Oysters Clams And Mussels

Oysters, clams and mussels are a stellar source of B12 and an excellent source of riboflavin. They also supply smaller amounts of thiamine, niacin and folate.

A 3.5-ounce cooked serving of each provides :

B vitamins
1,648% 400%

These shellfish are also high in protein and several minerals, including iron, zinc, selenium and manganese. Theyre a good source of omega-3 fats as well .

Summary Oysters, clams and mussels each supply at least four times the RDI for vitamin B12 per serving. Theyre also high in riboflavin and provide smaller amounts of thiamine, niacin and folate.

Vitamin B6 In Our Body

List Of Vitamin B12 Rich Dry Fruits, And Vegetables

Vitamin B6 is involved in many body functions. It helps you metabolize macronutrients such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It helps convert carbohydrates into glucose for energy. It is necessary to synthesize neurotransmitters that control mood and assists with many functions of the immune system. It participates in keeping electrolytes balanced, promotes the production of red blood cells and helps to keep homocysteine levels low. It contributes to healthy hair, skin, eyesight and good liver function.

Vitamin B6 deficiency includes general weakness, nervousness and irritability. It is responsible for pre-menstrual problems like fluid retention, emotional outbursts and depression. It is essential for the body to make melatonin. Insomnia often results from not enough melatonin. Low levels of Vitamin B6 can also manifest in skin conditions, ridged fingernails and serious bone problems such as arthritis and osteoporosis. One of the most noticeable deficiency symptoms is a swollen or painful tongue.

Many people resort to taking vitamin and mineral supplements when they believe they may not be getting enough in their diet, but sometimes that can be dangerous. Too much Vitamin B6 can cause neurological problems. Numbness, tingling hands or feet, and trouble walking are signs that you may be getting too much Vitamin B6 as well as too little. It is always best to get the vitamins and minerals you need from whole foods.

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Nutritional And Brewers Yeast

Nutritional yeast and brewers yeast are inactive, meaning you cant use them to make bread. Rather, people use them to boost the flavor and nutrient profile of dishes.

These yeasts naturally contain B vitamins and are often fortified with them as well particularly nutritional yeast. If nutrients are added, youll see them listed in the ingredients on the label.

Heres how the two yeasts compare based on a 2-tablespoon serving, though these values vary by brand :

B vitamins
130% 5%

Vegetarians and vegans commonly use nutritional yeast, as its fortified with B12, which is challenging to obtain if you dont eat animal products .

The nutty-cheesy flavor of nutritional yeast also makes it popular as a seasoning. Brewers yeast, however, can taste bitter and may be better mixed into foods like smoothies, salad dressing or soup.

Summary Nutritional yeast and brewers yeast pack a high amount of B vitamins but a significant portion of the vitamins in nutritional yeast, including B12, are added. These products can be used to add flavor or nutrients to other foods.

Thiamin Riboflavin Niacin Biotin And Pantothenic Acid

You may have heard about biotin already since many women take supplements to improve their hair, skin, and nail health. Fortunately, deficiencies in biotin and pantothenic acid are quite rare. The majority of Americans get enough thiamine , riboflavin , and niacin in our diets because theyre all in fortified bread and cereals as well as eggs and dairy, says Amidor. But vegetarian athletes may be at risk for a riboflavin deficiency because your body needs more of these B vitamins if you work out often. Moreover, doctors have been noticing more cases of deficiency recently in people who have gastric bypass surgery due to limited diets and vomiting.

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What Happens If I Take Too Much Vitamin B6

When taking a supplement, it’s important not to take too much.

Taking 200mg or more a day of vitamin B6 can lead to a loss of feeling in the arms and legs known as peripheral neuropathy.

This will usually improve once you stop taking the supplements.

But in a few cases when people have taken large amounts of vitamin B6, particularly for more than a few months, the effect can be permanent.

The effect of taking vitamin B6 at doses between 10 and 200 mg is unclear. So there’s not enough evidence to say how long these doses could be taken for safely.

Meat Also Contains Vitamin B

Nutrition Advice : About Foods High in B-Complex Vitamins

Chicken, beef, and other animal meats contain varying amounts of different B vitamins, according to Hartley. She explained that certain animal foods might be richer in the different types of B vitamins than others. For example, she noted that pork is very high in thiamin .

“One to point is vitamin B12 and that’s because it’s a vitamin that you can only get from animal foods,” said Hartley. “You don’t really get B12 from plant-based sources.”

Specifically, vitamin B12 works to help keep your nerve and blood cells healthy and helps prevent anemia. Another one of B12’s chief responsibilities is creating DNA within each cell. Since B12 is only found in animal meats, Hartley recommended that vegans and vegetarians “should be especially aware and consider taking supplements.”

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Milligrams Of Vitamin B6 In Fruits

The list below gives the total vitamin b6 content in the top 100 items from the general description ‘fruits’ each of which show the vitamin b6 amount as well as Calories, Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate. The top 50 food items are shown in the graph below, to give a quick and easy dietary comparison for the different items, where each item is listed at the bottom of the page with a nutritional summary.

The level of vitamin b6 can be affected by the method of storage for example canned or frozen and also by the method of preparation for example either raw, cooked or fried. The total food items which are raw is 84 items. The highest amount of vitamin b6 from the 84 raw items is in Sapote, mamey, raw where the content is 0.72 mg per 100g. The number of food items which are cooked are 4 items. The highest amount of vitamin b6 from the 4 cooked items is in Plantains, cooked where the amount is 0.24 mg per 100g. Comparing raw and cooked fruits shows that cooking can change the levels of vitamin b6 by 0.48 mg in a 100g serving.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Vitamin B Deficiency

Vitamin B deficiency is rare in the UK, but two of the more common ones are a lack of vitamin B12 and folate.

Older people and vegans are most at risk of low vitamin B12 levels: older people because they produce too little âintrinsic factorâ in the stomach â a natural chemical that boosts B12 absorption â and vegans because they eat mainly plant foods.

Folic acid insufficiency now affects 75% of women of childbearing age in the UK, which could have a negative impact on foetal health.

What happens if I consume too much vitamin B?

Advice is for information only and should not replace medical care. Please check with your GP before trying any remedies.

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Symptoms Of Vitamin B Deficiency

Lack of vitamin B would lead to various health problems. Pregnant women and aged adults are in much requirement of vitamin B. Under certain circumstances, celiac disease, the use of excess alcohol and Crohns disease may lead to minimal absorption of B-vitamins.

Symptoms of vitamin B deficiency depend upon the type of vitamin B that one may be lacking in.

Vitamin B12 deficiency may lead to depression, paranoia, and other behavioural problems. It may even cause neurological damage. Some of the symptoms include tiredness, fatigue, uneasiness and may also experience prickle in the feet and hands.

Deficiency of Vitamin B6 may cause anaemia, depression, dermatitis, confusion, skin rashes and there would be the possibility of infection.

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Fruits Containing Vitamin B

Top Fruits High in Folate (Vit B9)

Fruits are an essential part of any healthy diet because they supply several key nutrients such as vitamin C and potassium. These nutritious foods also supply varying amounts of the eight B vitamins you need for energy production. The exact content of each B vitamin is different depending on what fruit you eat, and some fruits are better sources than others.

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